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***  Belleville Kiwanis Club Events ***  

 Oct 27 UFO DAY FOOD STAND 9:00am–5:00pm Library Park

 Nov  1 REGULAR MEETING 6:00PM Corner Café

 Nov 13 Board Meeting 8:00am Corner Café

 Nov 15 REGULAR MEETING 6:00pm Corner Café
             World Affairs Seminar Report presented by Connor DeLorme

Kiwanis Club of Belleville & Home Town Pharmacy (members)
celebrate with Belleville community at the 2018 UFO Day activities

Fred hangs signs 


cookie sales  faces at the tabledog costume - lionColor Run Racecrowd waiting for fun to begin

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The current online issue of the Kiwanis District "Kiwanews" now will be available through our Web site. Click the new link "Kiwanis District Online Kiwanews" to connect to this issue. You can also connect to previous issues.




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